By April 2, 2017 7:51 pm ET

COOPER CITY, FL — A group of caped [MPS] “Superheroes” descended on Brian Piccolo Park on Saturday with a steely-eyed determination and a common arch enemy — Hunters Syndrome.

“Although this disease is so rare, three little boys that live within miles of each other are fighting to find a cure,” said Monica Anaya, whose son Kalel is one of of the little boys battling the disease.

“We knew we had to do something,” she explained. “We couldn’t wait for a miracle to happen. We have to make it happen.”

Kalel and the other Miami area children are fighting back through the MPS Superhero Foundation, a parent-led non-profit organization that sponsored Saturday’s fundraising kickball event to help find a cure for the genetic disorder that is progressively debilitating and life limiting.

The disease almost exclusively strikes boys. Across the United States there are about 500 boys fighting the disease and fewer than 2,000 worldwide.

Though the disease is present at birth, symptoms usually are detected in children between two and four years of age.

Most boys develop normally between ages two to five and then begin to suffer the effects of the condition. In time, they gradually lose their ability to speak, walk and eat.

Most do not live through their teen years.

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