A glimpse of a father’s point of view about his first born son, the devastating news, and their challenging mission. No matter what life brings, daddy will always be by his side… especially as he fights to save his life.

MPS II (Mucopolysaccharidosis type II) is a rare, terminal disease that affects less than 400 boys in the US and less than 2,000 boys worldwide. These boys lose their ability to walk, talk, and recognize their loved ones by the age of 10. Worst of all, many will pass away in their early teens. There’s HOPE! Researchers believe they have the CURE and it has been approved by the FDA for clinical trial. The future of the MPS II boys rely on their families to raise $2.5 million to fund the cure! Can you help?

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Thank you to all for all the love and support! A special thank you to family and friends who participated in the making of this video. Thank you to G Sparticus, Dashious Clay, Kg Money, Mario Coto, Denis Brenes, and the entire team who helped bring this to fruition. This is a memory that I will cherish forever.

Vocals: Avram Joseph and G Sparticus
Lyrics: Avram Joseph
Produced By: Avram Joseph
Mix and Mastering: Mario Coto/MC Live Studios Dashious Clay/Mix and Master Studios
Video Production/Editing: Mario Coto/MC Live Studios Marketing & Promotions KgMoney Marketing